Monday, March 31, 2008

Onitsuka Tiger T-shirt Design Contest '08

So here is the Design I did for the Onitsuka Tiger
T-Shirt Design Contest '08, do tell me what you
folks think about it. Pics of this print on the shirt
will be up soon.


Denise Watt said...

i think the design is simple and real nice. the robotic looking thing looks damn cute lah!

a shirt i can see nicole buying off the internet, and using it until it tears, like all her other online-bought shirts. hahahaha!

Malcolm said...

Wow.. im flattered that your leaving me such a nice comment. Thanks for the slag, but will YOU get this shirt of the rack?

Denise Watt said...

nope. not my kinda style, i dont really wear shirts like that what! HAHAHAHAHAHA HAIYOH, most welcome. you owe me a nice present.