Sunday, November 22, 2009


A new concept i'm thinking about. It goes something like

-:set in a Neo-Tokyo setting

somewhat where "houses/families/clans" of samurai's are on the
brink of extinction(somehow they survived through the meiji era).
The fight for survival is based on Highlander, where the clans
battle out to be the governing factor of the land they are on.
The most feared clan with its signature fighting style that was
feared in the past is now reduced to a single man. The current
monopolizing triad group has emerged as a corporation dwelling
in the construction of android bots,and their idealogy is more
focused on urbanization and the forward movement of the country.
Thus, their main intent is to wipe out traditional practices
already carried out by certain samurai triad groups that control
different areas of the country.

The concept is still formulating but tweet me and tell me whatcha think? My tweet name is skookalicious by the way.

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